CSI: Miami Bomb Scene Investigation

Jonathan Togo & the cast of CSI: MIAMI undergo a bomb scene investigation. We go on set to talk with co-star Megalyn Echikunwoke and check out dangerous explosions and on-set antics.
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27 Responses to “CSI: Miami Bomb Scene Investigation”

  1. cowan1377 says:

    what episode is this?

  2. ILuvBritLouTayTay says:

    “can I get you a diet pepsi?” HHAHA oh Ryan. I mean Jonothan XD

  3. wildcherryspray says:

    haha jon is hilarious

    “Can i get you a diet pepsi?” & “See mom & dad im not in any danger”
    I love that guy :)

  4. oOBufassOo says:

    Love hes smile and laugh 0:31

  5. shelbyhearts says:

    Jon is a babe! <3

  6. mrswolfe14 says:

    jonathan is very cute :$ <3

  7. happybunny240 says:

    does anybody no wat episode and season this is

  8. LAXChick1000 says:

    which season and episode is this?????????

  9. nmbr1fredfn says:

    i know evan he’s my sis’s best friend

  10. MusicIsLife1621 says:

    omg evan ellingson is co cute! <3

  11. dolphinspray19 says:

    you can have the stunt double and i can have jon. he is mine….all mine! hehehe.

  12. XcassieXainsworthX says:

    yes, yes he is.

  13. sammie99344 says:

    ooh jon..a..thaaan . ohmygosh haha can i get you a diet pepsi? and his stunt double is adorable too

  14. hottieJonathanTogo says:

    haha, this is awesome! one of my fav episodes too. Jonathan was awesome, he’s so cute!

  15. lizardegirl says:

    i know he is sooo hot huh! i love him but i figured that out when i saw bthe video my sisters keeper! he is sexy!

  16. iloveryanwolfe says:

    OMG! I love it! love it love it love it! Jon looks so spiffy and cute!

  17. dolphinspray19 says:

    he is a fine bottle of wine!

  18. kagully says:

    haha..do you want a diet pepsei.. xD Jonathan is the best lol

  19. rockies07 says:

    He is so funny!!! I love him!!!

  20. 92ababc says:

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  21. DancePrincessCutie says:

    evan is sooo hot!!!

  22. dolphinspray19 says:

    jonathan togo looks sexy

  23. brunettebabyyx says:

    Jonathan and Evan are so flipping hot
    i love Jon’s stunt double as well
    ahah he’s adorable

  24. Romana1752 says:

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