Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass chapter 10 study questions?

Question by PandaszRules: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass chapter 10 study questions?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with the following questions in Chapter 10, it is for a study guide I’m making for a huge test next week:

1.Why do the slaves on the Covey farm continue to do their work even if Mr.Covey is absent?

2.Why does Douglass believe Covey is successful in breaking him and turning him into a brute?

3.Why does Mr.Covey not take Douglass to the constable to be whipped?

4.Why do the masters want their slaves to drink whiskey during the holidays?

5.Cite examples from this chapter to show that Douglass possesses a strong sense of racial pride.

6.Find an example of a pun in this chapter demonstrating Douglass’ sense of humor.

7.Find an example of allusion in this chapter.

8.Why does Captain Auld send Douglass back to Baltimore?

9.Why are there no arrests when Douglass is assaulted by the white workmen at the shipyard?

10.Find an example of sarcasm in this chapter.

11.What kind of freedom does Douglass have over his own employment after learning to calk ships?

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Answer by Pharaoh
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave explores the first-hand account of one man’s struggle for freedom. Born into captivity, Douglass — like most slaves — can only guess where or when he was born or who his father was.

Chapters 10–11

While under the control of Mr. Covey, Douglass is a field hand and has an especially hard time at the tasks required of him. He is harshly whipped almost on a weekly basis, apparently due to his awkwardness. He is worked and beaten to exhaustion, which finally causes him to collapse one day while working in the fields. Because of this, he is brutally beaten once more by Covey, and eventually complains to Thomas Auld, who ultimately sends him back to Covey. One day, Covey attempts to tie up Douglass, but he fights back. After a long, two hour physical battle, Douglass ultimately conquers. After this fight, he is never beaten again. He is sent to live on another plantation where he befriends other slaves and teaches them how to read. He and the others make a plan to escape, but before doing so, they are caught and Douglass is put in jail. After he is released, he is sent to Baltimore once more, but this time to learn a trade. He becomes an apprentice in a shipyard
Shipyards and dockyards are places which repair and build ships. These can be yachts, military vessels, cruise liners or other cargo or passenger ships. Dockyards are sometimes more associated with maintenance and basing activities than shipyards, which are sometimes associated more with initial…

where he is abused by several white people. Master Hugh is kind regarding this situation and refuses to let Douglass return to the shipyard. At this point, Douglass is employed to be a caulker and receives wages, but is forced to give every cent to Master Auld. Douglass eventually finds his own job and plans the date in which he will escape to the North. He succeeds, but Douglass does not give many details of how he did so, in order to protect those who helped him and to ensure the possibility of other slaves escaping in this same manner. At this point, Douglass unites with his fiancée and begins working as his own master. He ultimately attends an antislavery convention and battles the issue from that time on.,_an_American_Slave

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